Conversations about the Curriculum

At Stella Maris Academy we believe that an Integrated Classical Catholic curriculum is historically the most effective way to educate our children for this world and set them on the path to Heaven. But what is an Integrated Classical Catholic curriculum and what sets it apart? This series of lectures is designed to introduce you to the benefits of our school and help you as you consider if we might be just what you’re looking for to support you in educating your children.

Raising Saints: Integrating Faith And Reason

January 25, 2021

In this talk Fr. Joseph Illo explained how, through the integration of the sacramental, we infuse God into all aspects of our school. If you are longing for your children to be more deeply connected with the faith, or if you worry that your kids might lose their faith in the broader secular culture of San Francisco, this is a talk you will not want to miss.

Fulfilling the Promise of STEM: Catholic Classical Education

January 25, 2021

When some parents hear “classical” they worry that such an approach might not fit well into the modern age. Can a classical education really prepare students for careers in our highly technological world? In this talk Gregory Moeck, a senior engineer at Facebook and member of the Stella Maris steering committee, will explain why he believes that giving our children a Catholic classical education is actually the best way to prepare them to fulfill the promise of STEM and be successful in the ever evolving technological world.

Forming Character: Inspiring The Moral Imagination

April 24, 2022

In this talk Dr. Gavin Colvert, the Head of School for Stella Maris Academy, will explain how our integrated classical curriculum provides a foundation for the development of the moral imagination, which is critical to the formation of character students need to pursue excellence and lead joyful, faith-filled lives.

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